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What is an outdoor gym?

Outdoor gyms are communal areas dedicated to sports and fitness, for people aged 14 and over. They will typically contain numerous non-electrical fitness equipment which individuals can use for different types of exercise. Each machine will target different aspects of training and health goals. For example, cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and flexibility.

What is an ideal location for outdoor gyms?

These workout stations are usually placed in an open space, such as a municipal park. It is important to ensure that the outdoor gym equipment is not used by children. This equipment is specifically designed for adults and children should not be allowed on the equipment. Therefore, every care needs to be taken to ensure the space is clearly marked and away from playgrounds.


Should people have access to amenities?

Since these sites are outdoors, they may also have additional amenities to make the area more comfortable for users between exercises. For instance, you may see extra benches or tables around an outdoor gym for taking a break between exercises or while waiting to take turns on equipment that others are using.

As these gyms are usually located within common community areas, such as parks or near playgrounds, they often don’t have access to changing rooms or showers. However, most users would be from the community, therefore close to their homes. Showers and toilets for the site may be found in a building nearby, especially if the site also has other facilities such as a play area or similar amenity.


Who is the equipment suitable for?

All equipment is designed for users above the age of 14. Our equipment can be used by people of all abilities, whether they are new to exercise or more advanced. We have some equipment which is wheelchair access friendly. We also have some equipment, which is designed for people with mobility issues. Within our range you should be able to create a package of equipment which would suit the needs of all within a community.

Are instructions provided for users?

Each machine will have a clear guide on how to safely use the equipment. It will also indicate what areas of the body it targets.

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