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Build a better business around our people

HAGS recognises that our employees are our most precious resource, which is why we take their wellbeing seriously. We are committed to creating a sustainable and health-promoting work environment, where collaboration and mutual respect form the basis of our relationships. Our values of action, responsibility, joy and collaboration should be reflected in all that we do, and we strive to ensure that our people are proud to be part of HAGS.

To ensure our employees' wellbeing, we provide a range of health and wellbeing initiatives, such as:

  • educational and development opportunities,
  • hybrid working,
  • health care activities.

We also work systematically with our work environment, both psychologically and physically, in order to continually improve.

Flexible work/hybrid

HAGS constantly strives to be perceived as an attractive employer. Part of this endeavour is to enable flexibility for employees in order to achieve "balance in life", i.e. balance between work, social situation/family and free time.

A prerequisite for a good balance between working life and leisure may be the opportunity for remote working or to temporarily carry out their work from home. This is provided that the employee has tasks that permit remote working, and that operations, work performance and work environment are not adversely affected.

As an employer, HAGS looks positively on remote working, and our experience is that trust and personal responsibility has been fostered in our organisation thanks to the opportunity for this.


We want to contribute and provide the conditions for our employees to have a health-promoting lifestyle. By having healthy employees, creativity, productivity and well-being are increased.

There are many factors that affect our health; genetic factors, social factors, psychological factors, our lifestyle, our environment and also our work environment.

Employees at HAGS should be able to maintain a healthy working life, which is why it is important that we as employers contribute to increasing the conditions for our employees' health. That is why we work systematically with the work environment issues, and have a health-promoting focus where we are generous with wellness-related efforts that contribute to a better lifestyle.