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Respect our planet

We understand how important is to save on the earth's resources and use them in a sustainable way, so that future generations will enjoy a healthy and harmonious environment. There is still much to do and we know we are not there yet. Our ambition is to gradually plan and work towards achieving climate neutrality, detailing our journey along the way.

Some examples of activities we are doing:

  • Reducing our waste and energy consumption
  • Recycling
  • Expanding our use of electric vehicles in our warehouses
  • Changing our lighting to LED in offices and warehouses
  • Reducing printing



Grounded in Nordic design, we use renewable, recycled materials that can go back in the cycle at the end of their functional life. We also try, where possible, to use less plastic-based materials in our products only use them where comfort or safety is an essential consideration in the design process. 

This information helps bring to life the work we are doing behind the scenes to protect the planet and reduce our impact on climate change.

We use recyclable materials in our products that make it easy for customers to make the right choice. The steel contains a high percentage of recycled material, about 80%. HDPE in arenas screens is 100% recyclable and at the end of the life cycle, the material can be sent back to suppliers to be recycled and reused in a new HDPE screen products. TPE is 100% recyclable and contains about 89% recycled material. Wood is a renewable material with low carbon prints and contains different percentages of recycled material. CFC or HCFC is not used that breaks down ozone layers.

As part of our waste management, we sort waste as follows: combustible waste, plastic, wood, corrugated cardboard, office paper, environmentally hazardous waste (very small quantities) and metal.