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Design products that support a circular economy

Our sustainability principles stem from our long-held belief in integrating nature and the great outdoors with everyday life. Our products are designed to last for many years and are easy to maintain, so you have less need to replace equipment in your outdoor area.

  • Flexible and modular design
  • Sustainable
  • Carefully selected materials
  • Packaging materials consisting largely of recycled material



We prioritize materials that not only reduce our environmental footprint but also empower customers to opt for more sustainable choices.

Grounded in Nordic design, our carefully selected materials include wood, steel (82% recycled), and HPL—a blend of 70% cellulose and 30% resins. Nordic Pine, sourced responsibly from Scandinavian forests, is certified by FSC or PEFC, ensuring slow growth for compact quality. 

While wood stands as one of the most renewable materials for our products, Steel emerges as a recyclable solution. Today we use 82% recycled steel in our products. Steel is durable, long lasting and infinitely recyclable. 

We do not use PVC materials or tropical woods. We avoid using pressure-treated wood, as harmful substances are used in this type of wood surface treatment.

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Flexible & modular design

With flexible and/or modular design, you can easily source the sorting of different components at the end of their life and simply replace a component instead of buying a brand new product.

Our play systems Uniplay and UniMini are completely modular and the components can be easily taken apart and recycled. It is also easy to move and/or replace parts that have been used a little more, so that the life of the play structure is extended for even more years.

In this way, the need for newly produced, as well as new/virgin material, is reduced.

The Power of Repair, Replacement and Refurbishment

HAGS has designed flexible and modular playgrounds for over seven decades, with great emphasis on supporting circular design. By employing modular designs, playgrounds offer flexibility, adaptability, and sustainability, revolutionizing the way we approach maintenance and longevity.


Inspirational revitalisation projects

South Yorkshire, UK

Municipal budgets, including the ones for education and parks are formed from state-budget proceeds and from their own proceeds from local charges and taxes. Customers more than ever are seeking creative ways to maximise the way funds are distributed among a variety of community-based projects including play areas.

UK Area Sales Manager, recently worked on a refurbished play area within South Yorkshire, UK. "The old equipment was looking tired and in need of some love. So rather than removing all the equipment and starting from scratch. The customer’s budget was maximised by firstly refurbishing some of the old equipment with a lick of paint and secondly by adding some new inclusive products”.

The result: An improved, safe, inclusive and modern looking play area for the community to enjoy.


Karl-Robert-Kreiten-Strasse, City of Hilden, Germany

The old 3-Tower UniPlay unit underwent a remarkable transformation during its refurbishment, resulting in a vastly improved playground experience. With meticulous attention to detail, the unit was revitalised using new panels and poles.


Liljeholm Park, Jönköping, Sweden

This exceptional play structure once graced the grounds of Friaredalen in Jönköping, Sweden. With a touch of care and thoughtfulness, it has been revitalized with fresh poles and new screens, breathing new life into its timeless design. Now, it stands ready to bring joy and laughter to countless generations in the future. 


Böda Harbour, Öland, Sweden

Böda Sand Resort made the decision to replace its old playground equipment and subsequently relocated it to the nearby campsite, Böda Hamn. Nestled in the beautiful northern region of Öland, this beloved play area will continue to be cherished by children of all ages for many more years to come, providing a delightful space for endless playtime enjoyment.