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Work with a supply chain we believe in

We strive to nurture long-term relationships, founded on integrity and respect, with our suppliers and employees. We are honest about our products and how they can continue to inspire all generations.

We maintain ongoing dialogue with all our suppliers, encouraging each other on to greater efficiency and effectiveness. The relationship, founded on loyalty and trust, has enabled us to exceed our goals and do more with less detrimental effect on our planet.

Suppliers of Materials

Our relationship with our suppliers is based on the fact that we believe in each other!

We communicate honestly and transparently with them, working together to achieve the best results and sustainable goals, as well as combatting climate change.

Our suppliers are located in Sweden and other European countries. Every three years, we carry out a review of our suppliers' work and requirements that we place upon them, based on economic, quality and social aspects, by writing the HAGS code of conduct and supplier assessment which is linked to HAGS environmental requirements.

In 2022, 93.1% of our suppliers had signed, which gives us a positive feeling that our suppliers are following international frameworks such as the ILO, UN Conventions and more. We will continue to work with social and ethical requirements, and our goal is that the number of signatures should not be below 80%.

We know that we often identify major risks in the first stage of the supply chain, then we collaborate with the group to analyse further in the second stage and identify any other possible risks. On our supplier assessment, 62.1% of our suppliers had signed in 2022, and we are working to improve this. Every year, we also make a supplier evaluation to identify those suppliers that may be at risk.

Transport Suppliers

HAGS doesn't have its own transport from stock to our customers, but we collaborate with big companies that have already begun working towards the goal of climate neutrality.