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Welcome to HAGS Park and Urban

We have teamed up with some of the most renowned Scandinavian designers to develop park and urban furniture that encourages the local community to socialise and enjoy spending time outdoors.

Creating an outdoor space

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Discover our wide range that has been developed in collaboration with recognized designers. Everything from classic, traditional products to elegant and modern shapes.

Park benches

HAGS park benches are perfect for relaxation and socializing. They blend beautifully into public areas. They work very well along promenades, in squares, in shopping centers and at entrances.


Our tables are the perfect complement to an outdoor seating area, whether you're looking for a modern design or a classic style.

Picnic tables

Our picnic tables are inviting and provide high comfort. Sit down and talk a little, and enjoy the outdoor stay.

Bicycle storage

HAGS bicycle racks are intended for safe and practical bicycle parking. They are either freestanding or securely anchored to the ground. Our bicycle storage provides effective protection against the elements.


HAGS grills are very popular and create a natural meeting place. They are large enough for everyone to be able to grill at the same time.

Litter bins

HAGS bins are designed to keep public environments, outdoors and indoors, clean and pleasant. The products are durable and easy to handle.


Our ashtrays are durable and easy to empty. They can be mounted on poles, freestanding or next to a wastebasket. They are designed to keep public environments clean and safe.


HAGS flower boxes fit into both historic and modern environments with their simple elegance. The flower boxes create a sense of well-being in the cityscape and also function as dividers between, for example, the road and the pedestrian street.


Adults and children with sun allergies, and those who are sensitive to the sun, are often unable to go to playgrounds or public places if shade is not available. Therefore, it is important to have spaces where people are not in direct sunlight.


At HAGS, we want to create natural meeting places where everyone can enjoy themselves. Our products for outdoor and indoor environments are created in collaboration with several Scandinavian designers.


We also have products that regulate traffic and improve safety for pedestrians and vehicle drivers.