Outdoor learning: A success in many schools

In an effort to create safe learning environments during the pandemic, many schools around the world have been opting for open air classrooms. Whether it’s under some sort of structure or just out in the open, schools have been very creative at finding ways to make it work.

We found this interesting article from the New York Times where they visit four schools in the US to see how they’ve made outdoor learning possible.

This approach has not only proved to be the best way forward to keep children in school during the pandemic, but it has also proved beneficial for children’s learning and wellbeing. They have noticed that children are a lot more motivated and focused.

Outdoor classrooms provide children the opportunity to interact with nature and the world around them while they learn. It also allows teachers to be more creative when it comes to planning fun learning activities that would otherwise be impossible to do indoors.

It is also interesting to note that one of the schools in this article has found that the outdoor learning environment has helped special needs students manage and regulate their emotions.

Whatever approach the schools have taken, both parents and teachers hope that these temporary measures become permanent as they have seen a massive improvement in children’s learning, development and attitudes.

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