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Loly Climber

A playground climbing structure that provides children with risk and excitement as they try to find their way through or over the loops.

Product information

Loly climber spinning render

Loly Climber

The Loly will provide climbers with risk and excitement as they try to find their way through or over the loops.

Perfect for children to burn off energy and it’s specifically good for children with ADHD who love speed and excitement.

Made from strong, durable steel and painted using environmentally friendly methods.


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Adds vibrancy to any park

With 6 vibrant colours to choose from, the Loly Climber will look great in any play area.

The contrasting colours in the designs also provides visual stimulus and guidance for children.

Climbing Multigenerational

Titanium grey/Green

Titanium grey/Red

Sliding Interactive

Titanium grey/Yellow


Coordination Balancing



Horizontal Line

How did the Loly Climber come about?

adults and children of all abilities playing on the inclusive playground roundabout

The innovation

Innovation can come from any corner of the business and it was exciting to see so many entries for our 2019 Product Design Competition, with over 50 in total being received.

After much deliberation from our esteemed panel of experts, a shortlist was drawn up and an eventual winner was declared.

Congratulations went to Carol Alcaide from HAGS Spain with her innovative product called Loly.

A lightbulb moment

Carol had a light-bulb moment when she noticed that her daughter always loved climbing up slides.

The idea of a tube-shaped structure became appealing since children love to use it as a hiding place. So the ideas started flowing to create something unique based on a tube slide.

The first thought was to create a circular climbing structure with only one entry/access point. However, children could end up blocking the single-entry point leading to the creation of two entry points, which helps with the flow of movement.

inclusive playground spinner with two seats

Inspired by a roller coaster

Roller coaster

The Loly is inspired by the exhilarating loop of a roller coaster. It has a sculpturally intriguing look while the very nature of the structure aims to provide thrill, excitement and hours of fun.

She then got inspired by the exhilarating loop of a roller coaster – a very interesting concept that looked sculpturally intriguing and provides some exciting user opportunities.


Tubular shape, “open” design

tubular shaped climbing structure in a playground

Developing the concept was key to creating the finished product. Keeping the design as a tubular structure, yet ‘open’ and safe for children to access it.

With the metal rings, the Loly Climber provides more play options as it allows children to climb on the inside as well as the outside. Furthermore, it is a durable, resistant and low maintenance material.

Why the name “Loly”?

Loly playground climbing structure sketch

As well as being a popular Spanish name, the idea for naming it “Loly” also came about because of the shape of the structure.

The journey has been exciting for everyone at HAGS. Our expertise and knowledge, has allowed us to create something remarkable from a pencil-drawn idea. This invention can now be enjoyed by children all over the world.

Horizontal Line

Features and benefits

roller coaster 2

Inspired by architecture that attracts children

The design of the Loly Climber immediately attracts attention and interest.

Children will be immediately drawn into this unique climbing structure that offers them exciting challenges for physical and conitive development through different ways of movement.

Provides challenges found in nature

Just like climbing a tree, the first step provides that initial challenge.

The Loly Climber offers challenge, fun and gives children the opportunity to learn about risk in a controlled environment. Climbers will be able to develop their strength, flexibility and coordination as they try to make their way around the loop.

The flextread areas inside the structure helps control internal falls and can also be used as play perches.


girl climbing a tree

Exploration and intrigue

girl crawling through tunnel

Through the tunnel, it is easy for children to climb, dream and observe the world around them from a different perspective.

Not only does the design allow children to climb in different ways, it also builds a sense of adventure. It encourages imagination and the evaluation of risk, all great things for developing minds.

The excitement of height

child looking through binoculars on dad's shoulders

Being high, above everyone and everything else, allows a different experience of the natural elements and can give a sense of achievement and wonder.

The Flextread areas inside the structure not only helps control internal falls, but also provides a place for climbers to relax and take in the view from above.

Durable and made to last

tube-shaped steel climbing playground structure

The steel material used makes the Loly Climber durable, resistant and low maintenance.

The rubber flextread material sections on the inside are textured, to provide some slip resistance, as well as being laminated with reinforcement layers, for durability.

Play values

Climbing Multigenerational crawling exploring hanging interactive relaxing innovative