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Traditional and Dynamic Play Equipment

We have all the playground favourites such as swings, roundabouts and seesaws which add the finishing touch to a welcoming and inclusive playground. Our traditional and dynamic playground equipment can be combined to complement our entire play range.

Creating an outdoor space

Swings and Swing Seats

Children's swings are a traditional playground equipment and it remains an all-time favourite for many. Swinging is not only fun, it also provides an overall workout for the legs, arms and core. Furthermore, our group swings, like the basket swing, offers the added benefit of social interaction. Available in various designs and materials for children of all ages and abilities.

Spring toys, Rockers & See Saws

Our playground springers, rockers and see saws are available in various themes to encourage imaginative play, thus promoting role play and supporting their sensory development. These playground favourites are brilliant at helping children develop gross motor skills, as well as core upper body strength, coordination and balance.


Slides are favoured by all, from the toddlers to the older children, as it gives them a sense of adventure. We offer various designs and sizes to suit all age groups, from themed, to wavy, to tube slides which sparks interest and imagination. Slides encourages positive social skill development in children, as well as promoting balance and coordination.

Roundabouts and Spinners

Spinners and roundabouts offer children a great place to interact, to build muscle strength, and provides a great vestibular experience. We have all different shapes and sizes to accommodate a single user to a large group of children of all ages and abilities. We also offer rotating play units which are inclusive and accessible for all to enjoy, such as the Spinmee.


Add an element of excitement to your play area with our zip wires! Cableways provide children with a fun, thrilling experience, making it the main attraction at any playground. Available in both steel and timber.

Dynamic Equipment

Our range of dynamic equipment offer children the chance to experience various play functions in one, such as our Swingo, which is a rotating seesaw or our rotating swings like the Titan and Mini Titan. These pieces of play equipment defy convention and provide experiences not found in traditional playground equipment.


Add more physical challenges to your playground with our wide range of children’s climbing equipment available in various shapes, sizes, materials and colours. From the eye-catching PlayCubes, with their sculpture-like form, to our exciting climbing nets, they are a great way for children to build their physical strength, gross motor skills and coordination.

Sand & Water

Sand and water play provide children with many benefits such as the opportunity to practice measuring, develop fine motor skills and spark their imagination, as well as helping children explore and enjoy the sensory experience of manipulating different materials and textures.

Playhouses and Games

Spark children’s imagination and promote role play with our range of playhouses and educational play panels. Our range of playground games includes an exciting selection of colourful outdoor musical instruments which allows children of all abilities to be creative and experience the joy of music.

Trails, Balance Course & Stepping Stones

We have playground trail equipment in wood or steel and offer various challenges from start to finish. Balance beams, stepping stones and other challenging surfaces encourage children to build their core strength and learn how to balance their bodies. They can be configured to your own bespoke layout or choose one of our set trail courses.

Accessories and Surfacing

Equip your playground with the necessary safety surfacing such as rubber tiles, grass mats, etc. Plus, complete your play area with fun accessories like our animal playground sculptures.


We have teamed up with 1-MOVE to bring four new playground tramplines. As well as being loads of fun, jumping engages the muscles of the whole body, improves coordination, flexibility, endurance, strength and balance. Designed to be used outdoors and as they are weather proof, they can be used all year round.

Obstacle Course

With the two levels of difficulty featured in all our obstacles, adults and children can take part, practice, improve their skills and ultimately compete with a friend.  

structure de jeux thématique bateau

Inclusive Pirate Themed Playground, Burgos, Spain

HAGS designed and developed an inclusive playground in the city of Burgos for children of all abilities to enjoy, creating a comfortable play area for both children and parents.

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nautical themed playground

Nautical Themed Play Area, St Raphael, France

Saint-Raphaël municipality commissioned HAGS to rejuvenate the old play area overlooking the marina. The Bonaparte garden is a popular family destination and the equipment blend in harmoniously with the seaside setting.

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  • The team’s communication and liaison was excellent. Where compromise was necessary because of prevailing conditions, the outcome was always in the best interests of the children. All parties brought their own skill set and worked as a dream team!

    Julia Buck, School business manager, Lydgate Junior School