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Impressive tall UniPlay at Oxfordshire, UK

Project Highlights:

  • Project value: £240,000
  • Impressive 7-metre high main structure, reflecting features from the famous St Helens Church, including the clock with two number 11s
  • Amazing selection of truly unique play equipment
  • Aimed at 2-12 age group, with teen-adult fitness area on outskirts
  • Benson Parish Council: "[HAGS design] was the most comprehensive and imaginative [of all submissions]. Communication was outstanding all the way through the project and we felt fully supported. The active building stage was efficient and worry free."


A new 'Destination Play Area'

With CIL funding in place, and consultations with the local community, Benson Parish Council was looking for an experienced company to design, project manage and build a truly unique, colourful and exciting ‘destination’ play area.

Working closely alongside the council to ensure the submission met the demands of the brief, the close-knit expert team of project managers and designers at HAGS developed a winning design which not only reflected the village's history but also provided children with a play space like no other. The design wowed the decision makers and now thrills the visitors to the park.


Comprehensive and Imaginative

“The design proposal was the most comprehensive and imaginative of all submissions we had, with lovely touches that made the play area unique to our Parish. The price was competitive.”

Anna Field, RFO at Benson Parish Council


Breathtaking Design incorporating Local History and unique Play Features

The main feature of the play space is a bespoke and breathtaking 7-metre high UniPlay tower that was designed based on St Helens Church, featuring the famous clock with two number elevens.

The UniPlay multiplay structure is surrounded by a fantastic wide variety of unique playground equipment, including a PlayCube climbing octohedron, a bicycle roundabout, a Revo vertical rotating ring, a Teeter Tunnel see saw and a Cozy Cocoon safe hideaway as well as so much more.

There is also a fitness area for teenagers and adults just outside the play area, which includes a bleep test track where participants can test their skills on an obstacle course including a balance beam, monkey bars, a sit up table, as well as a pull up and some hurdles!

Outstanding Communication and a Sense of Fun

“From the beginning, HAGS approached the project with a sense of fun. As the brief was unusual, they tested our commitment to it with imaginative ideas and then built on those. Communication was outstanding all the way through the project and we felt fully supported. The active building stage was efficient and worry free. Any questions and requests we had were dealt with immediately and the project was completed on time.”

When questioned whether Benson Parish Council would recommend HAGS, Anna answered:

“Every time. We have another play park to refurbish and would love to use HAGS again.”

The Park is in memory of Faye Elizabeth Grundy, and was opened by Faye’s nieces Lexi-Faye and Kiki-Jay.


Watch the video on youtube


Benson, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
Year Completed
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