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Brand and Logo

Our brand name, HAGS, was derived from our founder’s last initials –Hultgren, Andersson and Gustafsson – and forms the basis of our logo.

It tells the simple story of three Swedish entrepreneurs who wanted to inspire generations with their love of the great outdoors. Today, those four letters stand for over 75 years of heritage, knowledge, experience and passion. Please treat them with respect.

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Logo treatment

The HAGS master brand logo is available in two formats:
1. HAGS logo with the brand promise strapline
2. HAGS logo on its own

The HAGS logo is available in three colours specified (black, green and white).

The logo should only be used on a white background unless it is reversed out of its colour when placed over an image.

Use the master brand logos wherever possible across all of your communications.

HAGS is a registered trademark. Make sure you only use logo versions where the registration symbol “®” is included.

HAGS Master brand colors:

light green dark green gray black




















HAGS Logo White Background


HAGS logo Black Background


HAGS Green Logo with white background


Our logos like open spaces too

Nobody likes to be cramped, hemmed in or cornered. Just like our customers, our logos like lots of space to feel free. Give it room to breathe by sticking to our guidelines and please don’t be tempted to get creative with your interpretations.

We’ll be watching you!

• The logo must not be scanned, recreated, or used in part
• The logo must not be stretched, compressed, or otherwise distorted
• The typeface used in the logo is not used for other purposes
• HAGS must always be written in capital letters
• Clear space is defined by the height of the logo (as shown)